Here are some projects I've worked on (non-professionally).

This website. How meta!

Optimized for

  1. Page speed
  2. Accessibility
  3. Easy content management
  4. Rapid development


  • Strapi headless CMS
  • React with Next and Material UI
  • Hosted on EC2 instance running:
    • Strapi
    • The 'deployer' process which receives webhook from Strapi to rebuild Next app
    • Nginx to proxy to various apps running on that server and serve static content

Could put it on Lambda & S3, but that would take longer to set up. Maybe eventually I'll extend this monorepo with a cdk app that deploys all this stuff without EC2

On Air Box

I built a pair of "on air" lights so that my partner and I can signal to each other when not to be interrupted. This solves the problem of one of us (mostly me) barging in on the other while they are in the middle of a work call, zoom meeting etc.

This project ended up being a pretty good learning experience for me around circuits and specifically driving high-power LEDs.


  • Auto-discovery of other boxes on network via bonjour
  • Automatically adjusts brightness of LEDs based on input from lux sensor
  • Chonky buttons
  • What's not to like?


Midi Dudes

Midi in, RGB light strip out! Reacts to "mood" while playing.